RTI Prophet II Performance Black

RTI Prophet II Performance Black

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Meet the new Prophet II

We have presented RTI Prophet II which has a new assisted valve, new breech block with integrated 70ccm plenum, and new RPB barrels in 5,5 and 6,35 which shoot slugs as well as pellets very well.

The new valve needs less force to be opened, so the cocking lever is a bit lighter. It opens extremely fast (raise time of 1ms) and closes extremely fast as well. Due to this fast opening and closing time we managed to get high energy output from relatively low pressure (in .22 at 80 bar we get 45J and at 180 bar we get 90J).

The Prophet II looks really good…though it does look like the original Prophet!

How is it new?

Well, our original design is pretty solid, so all we had to do was work from there and push its performance even further. The Prophet II is now an extremely accurate and even more powerful platform than its parent design!

Standing features

Standing features are a larger 70CC plenum and a new pressure-assisted valve, which is more efficient and delivers extreme power levels while improving adjustability – now you can reach the high power threshold with relatively low pressures.

Accuracy-wise, our .177 and .30 cal versions retain the original, proven Lothar Walther barrel, but with the .22 and .25 cal, we are introducing a new proprietary RTI Barrel, optimized for both pellets and slugs! Accuracy is going off the grid with this new barrel… shot count is also very good (even more with the large bottle).

    .177 (4.5 mm) .22 (5.5 mm) .25 (6.35 mm) .30 (7.62 mm)
    Energy (Energy is adapted to your country legislation)
    Rifle can also be bought in 7J, 16J, 20J or 24J
    16J - 50J
    12 Ft/lbs - 37 Ft/lbs
    16J - 90J
    12 Ft/lbs - 65 Ft/lbs
    16J - 105J
    12 Ft/lbs - 77 Ft/lbs
    16J - 135J
    12 Ft/lbs - 100 Ft/lbs
    Regulated pressure* 80 - 180 bar
    1150 - 2600 PSI
    Plenum Volume 70 cc
    Magazine capacity 15 11 10 8
    Trigger 2 stage, adjustable down to 200 g
    Cocking system Side lever
    Barrel LW 20" (51cm)
    1:17,7", choked
    LW (RPB) 24" (60cm)
    1:16", light choke
    LW (RPB) 24" (60cm)
    1:20", light choke
    LW 24" (60cm)
    1:16", choked
    Optics Picatinny rail 20 MOA
    Bottle diameter 60 mm (2,36")
    Weight 3300 g (7,3 lbs)
    Charging type Foster coupling




    • Carbon Fiber Bottle
    • Adjustable Regulator
    • Extended stock
    • 20 MOA rail
    • Hard case

    What's in the box:

    • x1 Magazine
    • User Manual
    • Hard case

    Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"

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