We have presented RTI P-3 which has a redesigned assisted valve to make it more reliableadjustable and ambi cheek piece, rubber buttpad and angle adjustable picatinny rail (20MOA - 150MOA) for those who like to shoot longrange. Breech block has integrated 70ccm plenum and RPB barrels in 5,5 and 6,35 which shoot slugs as well as pellets very well, same as it was with the Prophet II.

We also redesigned the internals of the cocking mechanism so it is now even smoother.
Assisted valve opens extremely fast (raise time of 1ms) and closes extremely fast as well. Due to this fast opening and closing time we managed to get high energy output from a relatively low pressure (in .22 at 80 bar we get 45J and at 180 bar we get 90J).

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